Stages of Startup

Startup is actually a realization of your passion and to some extent of your dream. You start from ideation and discovery of the very idea, which initially would be shot down by the most of the people you know :-), your passion would show it the light of the day. Once you are on the path of execution with all of the roller coaster rides and still surviving with your idea, push it to start generating some numbers and loyal customers, post that fuel it with growth. Rest will follow.

Ideation / Discovery

First step is to discover, ideate and shape the idea you are passionate about.

Validate / Refine / Market Fit

Once you have shaped your idea validate it, refine it and make it market fit, keep on re-refining unless you are sure you have something created which is market ready and solving some #1 problem in that space.

Growth / Scale

As your startup started getting some real numbers and loyalty of your customers, you are all set to fire your growth engines, all concepts of growth hacking need to be injected, push marketing hard within control limits of the intelligent ratio of COCA and LTV.


Kunwar Asheesh Saxena

Operating under the belief that knowledge is more valuable when shared, Kunwar Asheesh Saxena Co-founder and CTO of Reddoorz, has made it his mission to provide a wealth of information through his this space. He is putting over two decades of experience to work, covering information on Growth Hacking, Startups, Unicorns, Technology Business Strategies and much more!

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Facts about Startups

Do You Know

There are many small and medium sized businesses which matter a great deal for the economy. You may be one of those who does not value such businesses, but once you read these interesting facts about startups you are most likely going to change your mind.

Fact #1

You will be amazed to learn that every second, there are three new startups being launched somewhere around the world.

Fact #2

Most startups do not get investments from banks, but rather from crowdfunding, and more innovative investment opportunities.

Fact #3

One of the main reasons why most startups fail is because they do not spend much time on market research and their product fail short of market fit

Fact #4

The countries with the highest number of start-ups is USA (4.8M), Brazil, UK, India (2.0M) and Indonesia

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