Kunwar Asheesh Saxena

Co-founder and CTO Reddoorz Entrepreneur and Technology Business Strategist


Kunwar Asheesh Saxena, entrepreneur and technology strategist, understands that a broad knowledge base is integral to success in the modern world. He keeps his finger on the pulse of change, ensuring he remains on the cutting edge of digital development. Passionate about technology, he is inspired by mankind’s ability to consistently adapt and overcome. As a speaker and mentor, Asheesh is passionate about leveraging his expertise to help startups attain unprecedented profitability. He strives to connect with audiences to demystify business technology strategy, empowering individuals to take control of their future.

A Hotel Technology Strategist, he co-founded and serves as Chief Technology Officer for Reddoorz. Asheesh is a natural problem-solver who prides himself on a keen eye for innovative opportunity. He considers himself a Growth Hacker, enabling businesses to utilize existing resources; to work smarter. Asheesh specializes in growth metrics, online startup mentorship, online hotels, and strategic IT planning. As versatile as he is ambitious, he enjoys the challenge of helping businesses not only meet, but exceed, their financial goals.

Outside the office, Asheesh is an avid golfer. You can often find him on the green, or catching up on current world events.