Technology in Hotel Business

Technology in Hotel Business

Many businesses are taking advantage of the advancement of technology by creating websites and moving toward online for promotion and advertising. The best thing about it is that internet can be used for any kinds of businesses including hotels. In fact, even the smallest bed and breakfast may have a good web presence as the biggest five-star hotel through their website.

Because of the advantages of today’s technology, most hotel businesses are considering online booking systems or reservation systems. If you are a hotel owner, regardless of its size, location, and services, here are the reasons why you should consider an online booking system:

You’ll Receive Reservations 24/7

A lot of customers surf the internet outside of the business hours and they’re more likely to make reservations on the place that tries to remember to call back the next day. According to statistics, it shows that more bookings are made during evening at home over the internet and the reasons are twofold. First and foremost, most companies now control and monitor internet access in workplace and second, nearly each home nowadays has a laptop or PC and an internet connection. With an online booking system, you can receive booking anytime, even if your hotel booking is only available for a particular period of time.

It’s Simply Great Customer Service

With online booking, it doesn’t only include a contact form. Contact forms don’t provide customers with clear view of your availability and don’t allow customers to book directly and get confirmed automatically. A good online booking system should at least be able to perform such 2 tasks as they’re the core to provide outstanding customer service.

All Customer Data in Structured System

If you are using the best online booking system that handles walk-in, phone bookings, and email, then you’ll have all previous customer data in structured system and it’s essential today because this enables you to market yourself to your customers in the past. Oftentimes, this list is one of the best resources in the business and you like this data both structured and accessible.

Up Selling

With an online booking system for your hotel, you can offer extra services to your guests. This could be anything from tour packages to other important travel and accommodation services that guests need.

Discount Codes

These are the best way to market your business in either when you have several last spots available or off-season. Ensure that your online booking system can support a discount code.

Online Payments

For fully comprehensive hotels, you might want to include an automatic payment system. Through this in place, you will be able to reduce manual workload and you can give your guests a safe and easy way to book and pay for their chosen services.

Simple and Clear Overview

Your online booking system must have a screen where you may see your availability very clearly and quickly. This gets rid of the need for old paper book and enables the reception staff to see easily whether you have availability or not.

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